Cindarella's Attic

Cindarella's Attic
img By Alexandra Guida

“I remember being a little girl and sitting on my grandmother's porch, probably at the age of five, and she had this chippy old table - it was a drop leaf and I remember looking at it, and the colors were red and where it was chipping it was green and then under that was a little bit of yellow and I always liked how that looked.”

Little did she know that looking at that table would define her future.

As a young girl, Cinda loved only three things: jewelry, flowers, and antiques. It wasn't until she was a mother that she truly realized her love for crafts and designing.

During the 1980's, while being a stay-at-home mother, Cinda would work on projects around the house to keep herself busy. She would paint the furniture, her walls, anything you can think of, she worked on it. She didn't want to live in a “cookie-cutter style” house, she wanted to make it her own.

Once she had finished redecorating her own home she turned to picking up items off the street, working on them in her garage with her husband. Cinda would find or buy antique furniture and bring it back to life. Painting it, distressing it, and turning it into – what they used to call – shabby chic. The time and effort was something that brought joy to her heart and put a smile on her face.

When the Clinton Malls opened in 1996, Cinda and her husband walked into a store, staring at a piece of furniture that caught their eye. A saleswoman walked up to them saying, “Isn't it stunning? That's what they call shabby chic." That was the moment Cinda realized that the furniture she had been making for the past 10 years was, at that time, was the trending furniture style that everyone wanted to buy.

As her children got older and started school, Cinda knew it was time to get a job. She started out her career in floral design, then went on to work in interior floral design. Later on, she went into real estate, quickly learning it was not her passion. Through all of this, the idea of antiques had never left her mind.

With this revelation, she began questioning what she wanted to do for a career and what would bring her happiness. She decided she would bring pieces of furniture back to life, and sell them on eBay. As more time passed by, the thought finally came to her - she would open a store.

Cinda started her business in Newington, however, the work environment was not something that suited her. With it being a higher end area, she found herself dressing up, trying to sell her pieces while someone else painted them. After some more time, Cinda decided to move to Wethersfield where the atmosphere felt more comfortable and she could be herself. In this environment, she could walk around in paint-covered clothes and show the dedication she put into each piece.

There are many places that Cinda gets her antiques from, but when asked how a piece speaks to her, she can only describe it as the way one would feel upon walking into their dream house. “You just look at it, turn to your husband and say, 'this is it, honey.'”

Though Cinda enjoys turning her own antiques into new pieces, most of her business is taking special orders from customers. Special orders consist of a customer bringing in their own piece so Cinda can make it into their dream piece. Not only does Cinda get to do what she loves best, but she gets the satisfaction of making a customer happy.

Painting for Cinda is a form of a stress reliever. It helps to exercise the mind, and the adrenaline that she feels upon bringing a piece back to life is indescribable.

Cinda believes that everyone should know what that feeling is like, and to accomplish this she offers classes for all types of people and projects. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there will be something for you.

Some of the classes she offers are:
Learn to Paint
Rocker w/ Planter
Bring Your Own Piece
Kitchen Cabinet Tray Workshop
And Much More!

She wants to educate and give knowledge to the community around her. She believes that if you love something, you should share it with others, allowing them to feel the same passion and joy that you feel yourself.

To learn more about the store, along with the additional classes she offers, you can visit Cinda's website at