Caribbean Charm!

Caribbean Charm
Wicked Good News By Alexandra Guida

What started out as an online store, has turned into a four room brick and mortar business growing as the days go by.

Mermaids, seashells, sand dollars, oh my!

Don't let the name fool you! Caribbean Charm Boutique, nestled in a beautiful Victorian house on the edge of Eric Town Square, has much more to offer than what one may think.

After many years of working as an insurance representative, Lauren Cheeney knew there was something more that she wanted to pursue in life. She didn't quite know what it was until a conversation with her brother sparked an idea – an online store. It was something she knew she could do in addition to her full-time job, along with something that brought her satisfaction.

As her brother taught her the ins and outs of building an online store, a name was the major thing she needed to focus on. Something that could pull customers in, while also telling them what her store is all about. At the time she had just returned home from vacationing in the Caribbean. Enjoying the beautiful weather, beaches, and time she spent there, Lauren knew she wanted to incorporate that into the name of her store. It wasn't long after that before Caribbean Charm was finally up and running online.

Days passed by with more and more people purchasing through Caribbean Charm's online store. With the amount of business picking up, Lauren knew it was time to leave her full-time job and put all her time into her online store. After a few months of this, she noticed she needed to expand even more, thus opening her first store in Glastonbury. Her current location is her third store, and with each move she has expanded more and more.

Caribbean Charm Boutique houses many items such as a large array of clothes, purses, jewelry, children's items, Vera Bradley, Brighton, and so much more. There is even a section for men – money clips, wallets, cuff links, flasks, and some sports related items.

Although Caribbean Charm has an array of items, they are uniquely known for their large selection of sea-themed items. In addition to this, they are also known for personalizing, embroidering, and monogramming. In the future, Caribbean Charm plans to expand their men's lines, giving men more to shop for when they come into the store. So be on the lookout for that!

Furthermore, Caribbean Charm Boutique is 100% about helping out those in need. They never refuse to give a donation or hosting a fundraiser. With this, Caribbean Charm Boutique and Breast Friends Fund are hosting a night of wine, snacks, and shopping on Thursday, May 11 from 4:30 p.m. To 7:30 p.m. It will be hosted at the boutique at 136 New London Turnpike, Glastonbury.

That evening, 20% of sales will benefit Breast Friends Fund and 100% of the funds raised will go directly to Metastatic Breast Cancer Research for Dr. Winer and his team at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

By joining Caribbean Charm Boutique and Breast Friends Fund, you will be helping find a cure for Metastatic Breast Cancer. If you have any inquiries about the event, you can visit the shop at the above address or call the store at (860) 430-9909.