• Jamie and the Junk Show

    Wicked Good Sociiiallll!

    It’s Sunday evening, ugh. Many of us suffer from Sunday-night-blues, dreading another long work week. Luckily the solution to that is a lot closer than you think.

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  • From Love to Lavender

    Wicked Good Soap!

    Brenda Sullivan, creator of Farm to Bath in South Glastonbury, CT, strolls through her lavender garden on a drowsy April afternoon pondering ingredients for her next all-natural skin care product.

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  • Jai Alai

    Wicked Good Jai Alai!

    Determination, perseverance, and commitment – that's what one Cromwell resident had during the eight brutal months of building his own Jai Alai court.

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  • Natasha Sazonova Wicked Good News

    Wicked Good Family Trees!

    Natasha Sazonova began painting at the age of two and hasn’t stopped. A resident of Wethersfield, she came to the U.S at the age of 16 and has since made a name for herself around the world.

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  • Auto Archeology Wicked Good News

    Wicked Good Auto Archeology!

    When David Brill discovers an old car covered in rust and weeds, he doesn’t see an eyesore. No, he imagines what the vehicle once looked like, sounded like, and the special moments that were had in it. “Every car has a story,” says Brill. “It’s not just a car. It’s a part of the family, a piece of art.”

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  • Stained Glass Wicked Good News

    Wicked Good Stained Glass!

    Those traveling along Main Street in Portland may notice a colorful stained glass window hanging outside a duplex home. That’s Rose Walimaa’s residence and her artwork. The stained glass piece promotes her one-woman business, Expressions in Glass.

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  • James Gere Wicked Good News

    Wicked Good Education!

    Former Cromwell resident James Gere spent his career in education. During that time not only did he educate students, he learned from them as well.

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  • Aidan Charles Wicked Good News

    Wicked Good Cycling!

    Aidan Charles, a chiseled, lean picture of fitness, is a man who believes in giving back.

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  • Cat Tales Wicked Good News

    Wicked Good Kitties!

    Cat Tales is an organization based in central CT that cares for stray and feral cats. This group's dedication is truly impressive: dozens of volunteers care for hundreds of cats each year and organize major fundraising events, all without any full-time employees or a brick-and-mortar office.

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  • Robert Noreika Wicked Good News

    Wicked Good Painting!

    The local painter recalls that when a book report was assigned in grade school, he most looked forward to illustrating the cover.

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  • Tea Rose's Tea Room Wicked Good News

    Wicked Good Tea!

    Tea Rose’s Tea Room in Cromwell is like a step back in time. Decorated with vintage hats, bone china tea cups, porcelain dolls and antique furniture, the “tranquil tea house” delights patrons with assorted tea sandwiches, quiche, soup, scones, soft background music, and freshly brewed tea.

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  • Glastonbury Planetarium Wicked Good News

    Wicked Good Stars!

    Ever want to travel from Earth to Mars to the outer galaxies? The Glastonbury Planetarium can take you there and beyond.

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  • Blaise Serra

    He's a Magic Man!

    Before Cromwell resident Blaise Serra heads out the door, he makes sure he has everything he’ll need: keys, wallet, phone, deck of cards. Yes, deck of cards.

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  • Preli Farm and Vineyard

    Preli Farm and Vineyard

    Joseph Preli Farm and Vineyard currently carries six to eight varieties of wine. Some of them are still waiting for approval. The fruits and vegetables grown on the farm, such as grapes, tomatoes, blueberries, raspberries, and many others go into making each wine.

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  • img

    Kidcity Children's Museaum

    From a convent to a child’s playground. That’s how Jennifer Alexander helped bring downtown Middletown back to life.

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